Friday, April 5, 2013

Writing sample

When l went to my friend’s house l left my shoes outside. After that l went inside to play on his playstation  for 20 mins. I came outside to go home to have lunch but they were gone and l was angry. So l went to my other friend’s house. I was surprised because  l saw my shoes outside his house.  l  slowly got them  and l took them back home.

After that l went back again. When I saw him again l said, “Did you take my shoes?” He said, “Yes l did I'm sorry. l took them because they were cool.”  l said, “That’s Okay but don’t do it again. Then we went inside to play games.


  1. HI Kyal I like your story it is so cool I don't wate to see more from you keep up the good work

    1. Haha Kyal but is that really true? Tom Copland Waiwere South School


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