Thursday, June 26, 2014

Echolocation Writing


Echolocation, also called bio sonar is used by several kinds of animals like bats and whales. Dolphins also use echolocation. Animals make sounds and listen to the echoes of those echoes that return from objects near them. They use these echoes to locate and identify the object
Ben Underwood could not see with his eyes but he could see by using sound. When sound rebounded off objects he knew where he was going. He could hear cars from far away and that would trigger sound waves. Ben Underwood used prosthetic (fake) eyes and he can skate, ride a bike and shoot a basketball inside a basketball hoop.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

State of origin league

       State Of Origin League

State of origin is about a team Called Queensland & New South Wales. QLD & NSW play rugby league but New South Wales won the tough game. NSW score was 21 & QLD score was 14. They versed last week on Wednesday QLD could of got it but the game was over. When the game was over the ref blowed the whistle at 80 mins. NSW got heaps of run a way
but QLD was tackling heaps of NSW people.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How To Play Rugby And The Rules

How To Play Rugby And To Listen To The Coach

To play rugby you will need a rugby ball. You will need a coach for rugby. You have to listen to the coach and the rules he gives you like stepping pass the ball score a try how to kick a ball through a goal post and how to score it right.

With the ball you need to kick the ball and you need to catch the ball with your hands. If you think that you are ready to play rugby you have to work hard. And you have to try to get in a team.

People who learn how to play and knows all of the moves they can go to the toumament at and you can also win the cup.

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