Monday, March 31, 2014

Movies In The Park

                           Movies In The Park                          

On Friday night a movie call ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 was showing on a big screen at Pt England Reserve. Heaps of people was watching The movies. People
was watching the movies then people was always standing up and going to play and come back. It was annoying because
people was getting in my way.

It started at 8.30 but at 7.00 everyone started coming to the PT England Reserve. It was fun because I was playing with my friends. Khi Khi and I went to the beach to have a look at
the water some people was having a swim and some people was playing down by the water and by the rooks. Khi Khi and I was running on the sand and Khi Khi fell over because he got cut by a shell and he had a sore on his leg. It was it that big it was small.

Khi Khi and I went home at 9.50 because it was getting boring so Khi Khi wanted to eat so we back home.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sketch Up Writing Sample

Sketchup what is it like
I hope it has 3D object on it
What is it news for
I hope it has a 3D print in it

Why is it special
Sketchup is very special to use. I think I like it because you
can create anything in the world. This is what you need for it, just a mouse so you can work on it so without the mouse you can't do things. Like cars or trucks or a robot and a
What it is used for
Sketchup is for building 3D stuff and creating stuff. And if you work on it you can be a professional. Like in our class his name is lisa. He is professional because he go on it every day.

What is it
It is a object you use for creating project. The one who told us was my teacher. When The first time I try it it hbjjhs


The Lagoon Pools

The Lagoon pools in Panmure Is special for other people. So on a hot day people can go to the Lagoon pools. Other thing is special you can train your kids to Learn to swim And dive. and the cool thing for me is going on the hydroslide. It is fast and dark you can not see anything. And there is water inside the hydroslide. And it is not fun but it fun it is not for free. You have to pay cash $3 for the hydroslide and for the diving board it is $2.

At the Lagoon pools l go with my friends. At the pools lt is big but the thing is l like is in the centre you can go inside and go into the warm pool. There is are cold pools outside and it is cold It feels like a freeza. And when the first time I went there I dive it and it was super super cold. And I said to my friend is any warm pools. And he said to me yes there in the

centre and I went and it was warm.     

Tamaki College Writing Sample

Every Friday we have sport at Tamaki College. We do lots of fun stuff like rope jump, relays, amazing race, orienteering and high jump. We have good teachers. We have two student teachers in each team.

These things help you lose weight and get more energy in your body. It helps you to participate. Some kids from Pt England School have siblings sisters at Tamaki College for groups. Tamaki College is located in Glen Innes.

We have 7 groups and we have 12 or 10 per group. Each group does different activities than us. Every Friday it changes every time we go there for PE.

It’s fun because you can do fun things with your friend and you can do different activities. When your finish we go and line up to go back to school and have lunch.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cyclone Lusi Writing Sample

What is a Cyclone Lusi?
What does it do?
What happens during a cyclone?
How does it happen?
How does the winds work?
Why does a Cyclone Lusi ?

1. A Cyclone  is when a tornado that spins around the earth with strong heavy winds and strong rains. It blows stuff over like cars boats houses and trees and anything. It does lots of damage because of heavy winds. It creates floods and it is like a earthquake when it creates heaps of damage.

2. In a Cyclone if you don’t want to get hurt you can stay inside. Hide under a table with no windows or you can go somewhere inside and hide in a place with no windows. You can stay in a bathtub and put a mattress on top of your self.

3. Cyclones make a lot of mess and it makes everything dirty.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Fia Fia Story

What is Fia Fia about? Every Thursday we have Fia Fia. We have to practise every day before we perform on stage. All of the groups have to do the same amount of practice every day. We have to perform on April 9th. My teacher is Miss King and Miss Paget. The only thing is we can not pick any songs because they have already been picked.

Last year we were allowed to pick our songs in Senior Hip Hop group. But this year the teachers have to pick our songs for this year for Senior Hip Hop group. So my group is only for the yr 7 and 8. So the song we are doing is called katy perry ‘Walking On Air’. We do easy moves for it but we have to make up some moves.

Miss King is taking the boys and Miss Paget is taking the girls. The girls have a better song than us. I like it because my friends are in there.