Monday, April 14, 2014

Free rice

This is Free Rice this is for the people with no food if you get one answer right this will donate 10 grains of rice to people.

Kyal Team 1 Reflecion 2014

Term 1 Reflection 2014

My highlights this term would have to be My Empathy Movie but I was not there but I my partners did it. It was a highlight because I liked how they acted.

I have made improvements/progress in Writing because I have been finishing off my work and posting it on my blog.

I know this because….I am good at writing because I work hard. My work is also shared on my blog.  

I still need to work hard to improve my Maths And Reading

I know this because…My maths I need to work hard and on reading I have to correct my words.

I am most proud of my efforts to improve my Writing.

My 3 main goals for Term 2 will be
1. Work harder and not waste time.
2. Manage my time.
3. Improve in my maths and reading.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia Kyal

On April the 9th on Wednesday 2014 we had the most best night. The dances we performed and practiced every Thursday or Friday was for Fia Fia.

We had lots of different groups. some we practice it Like Jump Jam or Hip Hop or fiji or cook Island and Tongan.I think we had 6 weeks to practice in our group.

At 4:30pm on Fia Fia night they were selling food but I did not know you have to pay. I thought it was for free.
We started at 7.00 we all went to the changing room To get change. Some people was wearing jeans. Miss King got
the jeans but Mrs Flavell paid for the jeans. After we got changed we watched a movie like for 15.mins Because we were waiting for the show to begin.

We had the most fun night it was cool because all of the groups were fantastic.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Kyal Six Sentence Story

Once upon a time …There was a man who was crazy named Lee.
Lee lived in a forest with Eric had no food so they ate grass.
Special Talent Eric Can put has finger on his palm. And Lee gos crazy.
Eric And Lee Problems was they got angry because they had no food so thats why they ate grass and they got no home for every.
There felt Angry
Getting safe from a Police Helicopter from above.