Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My bad day

The moment I woke up. I discovered to my amazement that i was the size of a giant!
today was going to be a very interesting day indeed

As the moment I woke up i just noticed my mum and dad were small but then I did not fit frew the door. Then I knew that i was a giant so l did not know how get to school if i can't get outside. After that l broke down the side of the house.when I got my lunch it was very small  then I went of to school it only took me 5 step to get there. When I saw my friends they were small So after school when l got back home I was trying to get back inside. When I had dinner My plate was small and I was fast to eat and he can not go to sleep in his bed.


  1. Hi Kyal.

    What awesome Story you made.
    Buy there is too much space's there there so fix it :D.

    But Keep Working hard.

  2. Hi kyal what a cool story about a giant and your perents are small


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