Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last week Year 5 and 6 had our Camp.

First we had our camp cooking then we went to Table tennis. Then we went to top town l like top Town.When l fount the water on me it was cold l was very. Happy we win the top town we went Kinking. l was the only one who no hell to kyakie we came

When we got to the swimming pools we had a swim at the swimming pools l Watts for our group l saw my group walking to the door.

When we went to top town we made water balloons. l but the water inside the balloons we got it Ready.

My goal for the future is to be a pro swimmer. I want to be as fast at swimming as the fastest swimmer.

My mum came in the morning when my mum got here my mum said hi. and leave from the school.

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