Monday, March 18, 2013

House 2013

On a Sunny day on my way to the pools l was on my bike l saw this house with cracked window and the tap was broken. l when on the grass and l saw a rat walking on the grass then l walk by the window and l jump up high and inside it  was rusted on the walls and the stairs was broken and the grass was long l couldn't  walk over the grass so l went to my bike to go to the pools
and l hord a monster noise coming from the house.

When l came back from the Pools the house was saying ha ha l was shaking hard out l went home to
to tell my dad at he came with me and he saw the house and it was a night time l told my dad it said ha-ha to me but he did not believe

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  1. HI kyal you story sounds scary and the picture looks scary to I hope you have a good trip to wellington


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