Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Holidays On The First day Of School

ln the Holidays I went to my brothers house. We did fun things there. We played on the Playstation 3.Then after that we played on the netbook.
Then after that l we to my friends house. And we played on the trampoline.
then after that we went inside and we played on the Ipad.

The same day on Friday l went back home to get ready for a meeting. the meeting was about me to a Holiday program and l said ok then so l
went on Friday and the day when  they came over it was on monday
and they said you can come on Friday so l did when l got there it was fun
but the thing it was heaps of people but we did fun things there.

On Sunday me and my mum went to church we had a good time.
l saw my friend l did not no he was coming to my church on Sunday.
then after he took me to the class because it was my first time there
but he said he was there for 5 weeks and l said thans a long time and
he said l no and he said he did it no about church and tit his mum and dad told him.

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