Monday, April 14, 2014

Kyal Team 1 Reflecion 2014

Term 1 Reflection 2014

My highlights this term would have to be My Empathy Movie but I was not there but I my partners did it. It was a highlight because I liked how they acted.

I have made improvements/progress in Writing because I have been finishing off my work and posting it on my blog.

I know this because….I am good at writing because I work hard. My work is also shared on my blog.  

I still need to work hard to improve my Maths And Reading

I know this because…My maths I need to work hard and on reading I have to correct my words.

I am most proud of my efforts to improve my Writing.

My 3 main goals for Term 2 will be
1. Work harder and not waste time.
2. Manage my time.
3. Improve in my maths and reading.

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