Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kyal Hearing-Related words

1. Laughing

I heard people laughing in a group all together like a rugby team.

2. Music

I could hear music blasting loud. It was annoying because they had it on full blast.

3. Cars

This car had the volume up too loud while they were driving.

4. Talking

I heard my Mum and Dad talking loudl when I was asleep.

5. Kids

When I’m inside and all the kids are playing outside I feel
annoyed because they are screaming.

6. Family

When my family talks too much I can’t sleep properly.

7. Dogs

Next door the neighbors  dogs bark too much. And the dog chase me down the road.
And it bothers me all the time.

8 Jokes

When people tell me jokes it is not funny and it sounds rude.

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