Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kyal Holidays 2014

In the holidays I went to my cousins  house. We were playing Playstation 3. We played Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto and Black Ops 2. I only stayed there for 4 days, then I went back home it was alright there.

When I got back home I went to my friends house and we played on Playstation 4.  We played heaps of games, around about 8 games. There are 5 new release games like Watch dogs, NBA 2014, 2K14, Infamous 2 and Beyond 3.

Then after that we went to have a feed so we had KFC for lunch. It was delicious and tasty. Then when we were finished they took me back home. It was a fantastic day. It was like 6 hours because it was so fast and it went dark fast.

When I got dropped off I felt tired so I just jumped into bed to have a sleep.

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