Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cyclone Lusi Writing Sample

What is a Cyclone Lusi?
What does it do?
What happens during a cyclone?
How does it happen?
How does the winds work?
Why does a Cyclone Lusi ?

1. A Cyclone  is when a tornado that spins around the earth with strong heavy winds and strong rains. It blows stuff over like cars boats houses and trees and anything. It does lots of damage because of heavy winds. It creates floods and it is like a earthquake when it creates heaps of damage.

2. In a Cyclone if you don’t want to get hurt you can stay inside. Hide under a table with no windows or you can go somewhere inside and hide in a place with no windows. You can stay in a bathtub and put a mattress on top of your self.

3. Cyclones make a lot of mess and it makes everything dirty.

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