Friday, March 28, 2014

The Lagoon Pools

The Lagoon pools in Panmure Is special for other people. So on a hot day people can go to the Lagoon pools. Other thing is special you can train your kids to Learn to swim And dive. and the cool thing for me is going on the hydroslide. It is fast and dark you can not see anything. And there is water inside the hydroslide. And it is not fun but it fun it is not for free. You have to pay cash $3 for the hydroslide and for the diving board it is $2.

At the Lagoon pools l go with my friends. At the pools lt is big but the thing is l like is in the centre you can go inside and go into the warm pool. There is are cold pools outside and it is cold It feels like a freeza. And when the first time I went there I dive it and it was super super cold. And I said to my friend is any warm pools. And he said to me yes there in the

centre and I went and it was warm.     

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