Friday, March 14, 2014

Fia Fia Story

What is Fia Fia about? Every Thursday we have Fia Fia. We have to practise every day before we perform on stage. All of the groups have to do the same amount of practice every day. We have to perform on April 9th. My teacher is Miss King and Miss Paget. The only thing is we can not pick any songs because they have already been picked.

Last year we were allowed to pick our songs in Senior Hip Hop group. But this year the teachers have to pick our songs for this year for Senior Hip Hop group. So my group is only for the yr 7 and 8. So the song we are doing is called katy perry ‘Walking On Air’. We do easy moves for it but we have to make up some moves.

Miss King is taking the boys and Miss Paget is taking the girls. The girls have a better song than us. I like it because my friends are in there.

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